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How does work? is an on-demand video-based certification service that makes managing your certification tasks a breeze. This video is a short preview of our Drug-Free Workplace Training content.

Why should I trust for my Drug-Free Workplace Training?

By working with medical professionals who are experts in their fields, created on-demand, Drug-Free Workplace training videos that focus not only on identifying substance abuse symptoms, but also how to help those affected.

Our videos enable businesses large and small to meet Drug-Free Workplace training requirements, while leading to a safer, more productive workplace.

This video provides a short preview of our Drug-Free Workplace Training content.

Do I need to retrain my employees annually?

Some states require annual training, while others do not. Tennessee does not require that you retrain your employees annually. View your state’s training requirements.

How do I become a certified Drug-Free Workplace in Tennessee?

Step 1: Create a Drug-Free Workplace policy.

  • Put your letterhead on the DFWP Policy Template that is supplied by the state or you can create your own.
    Download Tennessee’s DFWP policy template (PDF).
  • Give each employee a copy of the policy.
  • Give employees 60 days’ notice that you will be becoming a certified DFWP.
  • Have each employee sign the acknowledgement form that they have received the policy.
  • Have each employee sign the consent form. Each year you must have each employee sign that they acknowledge that you are a Drug-Free Workplace.

Step 2: Fill out the application and mail this to the state of Tennessee. Download Tennessee’s DFWP application (PDF)

  • For the dates of training, pick a date close to when you plan on doing the training; it doesn’t have to be
    exact if you do not know for sure.

Step 3: Conduct Employee and Supervisor Drug-Free Workplace training.

How do I become a certified Drug-Free Workplace in states other than Tennessee?

Step 1: Establish a Drug-Free Workplace program. View Tennessee’s sample DFWP template (PDF)

Step 2: Complete your state’s application.

Step 3: Provide Drug-Free Workplace training to your employees and supervisors.

Do I have to drug-test all employees?

No, you do not have to drug test all current employees. Following Drug-Free Workplace certification, they would be included in drug testing post-accident and when there is reasonable suspicion, which is defined in your drug-free workplace policy.

Is random drug testing required?

No, random drug testing is not required by the state of Tennessee for regular employees. CDL licensed drivers must be randomly tested per D.O.T. regulations, but that is a separate program.

When drug testing employees, must I use certified labs?

Yes, you must use certified labs.

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